Emergency Situations: Where Glasses & Contact Lenses won’t do

From time to time we are faced with a situation which is highly dangerous.

Though, as a Western World country, we have reduced risks to a minimum, there are still times when we have to act rationally and quickly to avert disaster. In these situations we rely on our senses, especially our vision, to get us and our loved ones out of harm’s way.

If we need contact lenses or glasses to see, and when faced with these situations, the risk to ourselves and others can increase significantly.


Car Accidents

In the blink of an eye, we can go from driving along at a leisurely pace to being involved in a car accident. A slight unforeseen knock causes a fair amount of shock; a severe accident can cause widespread panic among the occupants of the car, especially if there are children involved.

Should your glasses fly off your head, or a contact lens becomes dislodged, trying to cope in these situations is almost impossible, even if your head is as calm as it can be. Trying to coordinate evacuation of the vehicle or just to try and calm people down is made doubly difficult by the fact you cannot see properly.

The importance of 20/20 vision when dealing with the aftermath of a car accident cannot be overstated.

Medical Emergency

Should a member of your family suddenly become ill or suffer a heart attack, how can you help them if you cannot see?

Occurrences like this are horrible, and when they do happen there is widespread shock. Especially if we are suddenly awoken in the night. Our heads tend to panic and the first thing we do is reach for the phone. Seconds can cost lives, and providing you do not knock your glasses to the floor, putting on your glasses is still a few extra ticks of the clock.

If you go straight for the phone, you have to be able to unlock it, and see the number ‘9’ to dial it. The largest screens are no more than four inches and through the blur are you going to be able to see it?

As for contact lenses, when are you going to have the time to insert them?

Good 20/20 vision without corrective lenses can potentially make all the difference in emergency life and death situations.


If your house caught fire, how would you get out?  Fire is highly dangerous and despite having some of the best fire prevention laws and fire department in the world, in 2010 in the UK over three hundred people died from fire.

The deadliness of fire can never be overstated.  Imagine trying to get out of a house when you cannot find your glasses, or do not have time to put in a contact lens.  People without 20/20 vision find it hard to see due to the thickness of the smoke.  What chance would you have?  What chance would your family have?

Eye Surgery and Emergency Situations

Although laser eye surgery cannot prevent emergency situations from happening, it can make you more ready to respond.

The US Military currently use eye surgery to ensure its troops are combat ready. If vision correction surgery can make troops ready for action, then it can sure make the rest of us more ready to protect the ones we love in an emergency situation.

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