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Don’t Be Fooled By These Myths, Misconceptions And Lies About Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a powerful vision correction solution for those suffering with a variety of vision disorders. While anyone considering laser eye surgery must research treatment clinics and surgeons carefully, the industry has been victim to many inaccurate and misleading misconceptions and myths about laser eye surgery since its debut in the mid 1980’s.

If you’re considering treatment like LASIK laser eye surgery then, rest assured, when you use a well established clinic such as AVC, the chances of any serious complications arising are quite negligible. In fact, AVC is statistically unrivalled in the vision correction results we deliver, with 100% of patients achieving driving standard vision or better following laser eye surgery at our Harley Street clinic.

We discuss the most common laser eye surgery myths and lies below:

Laser Eye Surgery Myth 1 – You Can Go Blind If Laser Eye Surgery Goes Wrong

Probably the most disturbing myth of them all, the possibility of a patient going blind or even ending up with poorer vision is all but impossible under the care of a good LASIK surgeon.

Furthermore, the most technologically advanced vision correction clinics like Advanced Vision Care have access to superior technology such as Advanced Wavefront where the eye undergoing treatment is mapped in great detail.

It is key that patients are screened for potential problems or contraindications prior to treatment and is the reason why the operating surgeon should see the patients before treatment and should be available to see patients during their post-operative care.

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Laser Eye Surgery Myth 2 – If You Fall Outside LASIK Prescription, You Cannot Enjoy Permanent Vision Correction

LASIK treatment is suitable for prescriptions up to -10.00DS, +5.00DS & -5.00DC. While a reputed clinic will not proceed with treatment if a patient falls outside these ranges, alternative treatments like implantable contact lenses or Lens Replacement may still be an option.

That is why one should choose a clinic or surgeon where all vision correction treatments are done not merely laser treatments. While most people do qualify for LASIK laser eye surgery, in some instances a patient may have corneas that are too thin or steep for treatment. In this case, an alternative treatment known as LASEK (also offered at Advanced Vision Care) may be recommended.

Laser Eye Surgery Myth 3 – Laser Eye Surgery is Only Suitable for People with Short Sightedness

In addition to treating short sightedness, laser eye surgery can also help those with long sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Following an in depth consultation, a good surgeon will be able to determine your suitability for laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery Myth 4 – LASIK Treatment is Painful

At worst, LASIK treatment using the latest blade-free techniques such as Advanced Wavefront Intralase can be mildly uncomfortable. Numbing eye drops are used prior to treatment and, while there is no pain, a feeling of pressure may be experienced as the corneal flap is being created.

Laser Eye Surgery Myth 5 – Following LASIK Surgery the Patient Will Never Need Glasses or Contact Lenses Ever Again

LASIK can treat your existing condition and even restore your vision to perfection; however it cannot halt the natural progression and aging process of the eyes. Therefore, like anyone else who does not undergo surgery, the patient may still require glasses or contact lenses in the future for reading as a result of the natural aging process of the eyes causing presbyopia.

If you believe you could benefit from LASIK laser eye surgery, contact our experienced customer care advisors on 0800 652 4878 or why not book your consultation today.

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