Lens Replacement Treatment, Cataract Extraction & Implantable Contact Lens Surgery at AVC’s Sensational New Alcon Suite

June 2015 was a landmark month – not only for Advanced Vision Care but also for the countless people needing first-class refractive surgery. Why? Because it was then that AVC’s revolutionary new Alcon Suite was launched, ready to perform Cataract Extraction, Lens Replacement and Implantable Contact Lens treatments in the most efficient way imaginable.

The Stunning Engine of Technology Powering the Alcon Suite – Precise Tools for Perfect Results

Described by ophthalmic surgeons as the Ferrari of refractive surgical equipment, our Alcon Suite is the only location in the country where three highly advanced pieces of equipment are available in one clinic. When used together, the technology offers AVC surgeons far greater precision analysing and executing treatment at each stage of the surgical process.

The Verion Image Guided System supports incredibly precise digital referencing of the patient’s eye. The technology empowers surgeons to construct a personalised surgical plan for the patient, allowing them to analyse incisions and alignments in real-time.

The Centurion Vision System is a highly advanced phacoemulsification system, widely regarded as being the best in the world. In layman terms, the Centurion Vision System facilitates minute incisions and highly intricate lens removal.

Also aiding surgeons with optimum visualisation, the Luxor LX3 with Q-VUE rounds up the trio of powerful technology available only within Advanced Vision Care’s new Alcon Suite.

Bearing in mind each eye is subtly different; the level of precision offered by this technology is the difference between decent treatment and truly flawless surgery. Which would you prefer?

Below, we look over the major treatments carried out in the Alcon Suite.

Lens Replacement

This treatment has been widely successful in restoring vision, particularly for those over the age of 45. Following successful surgery, the patient not only can correct near/distance vision, but they will never develop cataracts in the future. Often, this treatment may be prescribed for patients falling outside of the range of laser, or who otherwise suffer unusually complex prescriptions.

Aside from using the new Alcon Suite to carry out this treatment, at Advanced Vision Care, we are a completely independent clinic, meaning patients have a selection of intraocular lenses to be found suitable for rather than just one. Only lenses from the best companies such as Alcon, Zeiss, Raynor and Topcon are used for our patients.

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Cataract Treatment

Advanced Vision Care has emerged as the best clinic in the country for surgery to treat this condition, following the launch of our Alcon Suite. Aside from the use of the technology described above in helping flawless treat the condition, patients are assured to benefit from the very latest multifocal and trifocal lenses.

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Implantable Contact Lenses

This treatment is often recommended for patients that are deemed unsuitable for laser eye surgery. Often, patients may be found unsuitable for laser due to out of range prescriptions or where they have unsuitably thin corneas. Conducted within our new Alcon Suite, this alternative treatment provides the same superb results as laser, with minimal discomfort and healing time.

Advanced Vision Care’s Alcon Suite is the real deal. It brings the future of non-laser treatment into the here and now, in a way no other clinic in the country can match. Don’t just take our word for it, our Alcon Suite was widely featured in the Daily Express, and the below footage is a testimonial from the very first patient treated inside the Alcon Suite:

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If you’re looking for truly unrivalled treatment then you’ve just found it at Advanced Vision Care’s innovative new Alcon Suite. So why not contact AVC TODAY and request your free information pack or book your consultation to see how we can help you say goodbye to your glasses.

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