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China’s Leading Eye Surgeons Visit AVC

Advanced Vision Care was honoured this month to welcome a team of China’s top refractive surgeons to our Harley Street clinic.

Chinas Leading Eye Surgeons

They came from China’s famed Aier Eye Hospital Group, which has a global reputation as the leading ICL clinic in Asia, to tour our facilities and meet with our own renowned surgical team. The occasion afforded a rare opportunity for leading Visian ICL experts representing both East and West to exchange knowledge, compare methods and swap case studies. So the informal meeting was a chance for both teams to broaden our expertise, expand our knowledge, and forge relationships that ultimately help us provide better service to our patients. It is also testament to both teams’ commitment to providing our patients with the best care possible.

Even more importantly, however, the visit reflects a wider collaborative effort within the international ophthalmological community. In fact, the Chinese surgeons had come to London for two special annual events: the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons Congress and the 11th International Visian ICL/Toric ICL Experts Symposium.

Each year, these events bring together top surgeons and researchers from around the globe to discuss the latest trends, technologies and innovations in refractive surgery. By sharing our experiences, we are able to drive the field forward, making corrective eye surgery safer and more effective each year. So AVC’s founder and lead surgeon, Dr. CT Pillai, was enthusiastic about welcoming Dr. Qingyan Zeng and MD PHD and Dr Jin Zhou to our cutting-edge facility here on Harley Street.

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AVC Shares Our Expertise

As the clinic that performs more successful Visian ICL procedures than any other provider in the UK, AVC is eager to share our expertise. Likewise, we were tremendously grateful for the chance to meet with Aier Eye Hospital Group’s accomplished surgeons, and to benefit from their extensive experience providing exemplary patient care. When the top practitioners in the field come together, patients benefit. So it was a pleasure meeting with Doctors Zeng and Zhou, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Dr CT Pillai had this to say on the day:

“It was an honour for us at AVC to be visited by such a large and successful clinic as the Aier Eye Hospital and we are proud to have established a professional relationship that will benefit patients from both the UK and China. We are both leaders in this field of medicine in our respective countries so by sharing our expertise this can only advance ICL surgery even further.”

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