Cheap Laser Eye Surgery

Cheap Laser Eye Surgery

The cost of laser eye surgery in London is between £3000 and £4,500 for both eyes for standard LASIK or LASEK treatment. When it comes to Laser Eye Treatment, researching which clinic to choose can be a daunting experience. The good news is there are several options available to correct your vision safely without costing you an arm and a leg.

In this article, I will explore the following price points which people search for when looking for a cheap laser eye surgery:

  • Going abroad for eye surgery
  • Finance options
  • Eye clinic’s location
  • Laser eye surgery medical insurance
  • Groupon deals for laser and non-laser treatments
  • Corporate discounts
  • Too good to be true offers
  • Eye surgeons
  • Free laser eye surgery on the NHS

Going abroad for eye surgery

By law, UK providers of refractive eye surgery must register with the Care Quality Commission. All laser eye surgeons must also register with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. These safeguards generally mean that having surgery in the UK is a lower risk than going abroad for treatment.

In some foreign countries, although surgery may be cheaper, there could be no protection for a patient if things go wrong! Laser equipment and quality control may be inferior.

Visiting another country for laser surgery may also mean that you will not have any aftercare available. This issue should be a significant concern for any patient. 

Finance options

Spreading the cost can be extremely helpful. Private eye hospitals generally do not offer this service, but we are one of the clinics who provide financing options, including interest-free plans. 

So how much your monthly payment can be? That will depend on the treatment and clinic you end up choosing. The cost of treatment is calculated based on surgical experience, technology and aftercare.

Clinic’s location

With the high costs of travel, if your eye clinic is not near to you, you may end up spending hundreds of pounds on your trip. Make sure your travel costs do not meet you by surprise, and you receive aftercare support close to home.

If your clinic is in another city, keep accommodation expenses in mind.

Medical insurance

You’ll be pleased to know that some providers cover some of the costs of laser eye surgery.

Remember to check with your clinic during your initial consultation which insurance providers it partners with – the usual providers are BUPA, AXA PPP, Simply Health, and Saga. But, of course, this payment method will need to be agreed before the day of the surgery.

Groupon deals

In 2016, the General Medical Council (GMC) banned discounts and prizes that may add urgency into deciding for surgical treatments.

I think this was the right decision since no one should ever feel pressured into paying for surgery, even if it is cheap.

There should be a cooling-off period for the patient to reconsider any decision they have made – not be forced to book surgery on the day of the consultation. (Ref: The Royal College of Ophthalmologists)

Too good to be true offers

It is a widespread practice that clinics advertise rock bottom cheap eye surgery offers to tempt you in, before up-selling multiple addons to you. In general, cheap laser eye surgery quotes are only available to a small number of people with minor prescriptions.

If you see a great deal, it can be very tempting to sign up for surgery immediately. Limited time price cuts discourage the patient from being able to research the clinic and surgeon beforehand thoroughly. By rushing into choosing a clinic, you may be increasing the risk of an adverse outcome.

Corporate discounts

If you use a computer or TV screen for more than one hour a day for work, your employer will need to comply with the Display Screen Regulations 1992. We are from a few clinics who offer corporate discounts to organisations, including:

  • Members of Xexec and Edenred
  • Retired Armed Forces
  • Police and Rescue services 
  • The fire brigade and NHS Paramedics
  • Retired Teachers and TFL staff

If you are not sure that you qualify. Click here to get in touch, and we will love to help.

Laser eye surgeons

Like any professional, surgical expertise count towards the pricing of treatments. A surgeon who has 15 years of experience and performed 50,000 surgeries may charge differently from a surgeon who just started practising.

I went in for a consultation, and the Lasik doctor was wearing glasses. And I was like… Nah” – Hassan Minhaj (Patriot act – Netflix) 

You must take out time to research your surgeon. Always look out for reviews and recommendations before you commit to surgery. Also, look for the qualifications that the surgeon holds.

So ask them

  • How many operations have you performed?
  • Are you certified by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and passed the relevant exams?
  • Are your cornea and laser trained?
  • Can I speak to previous patients?
  • If I have a problem afterwards, where do I go for treatment?
  • How long does your aftercare programme last?
  • Is aftercare charged separately?

The more experience and skills they have, the higher the likelihood of a great result.

Free Laser Eye Surgery on the NHS

if your condition is considered extreme enough by your doctor and likely to lead to blindness you can get a free laser eye surgery on the NHS.

Eye surgery is only provided free by the NHS if your eyesight cannot improve with any other treatment. 

Eye surgery is not a permanent solution for weak eyesight. Patients may need repeated surgeries to maintain excellent vision. It isn’t a cost-effective plan for a service such as the NHS, who have a strain on budgets and resources.

Eligibility criteria are enforced, and free laser eye surgery on the NHS is only granted to those most in need. Click here to read more about Laser eye surgery on the NHS.

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