Changing family’s lives one by one

This case study consists of three members of a family with vastly different prescription issues. The first family member to undergo treatment was a lady in her twenties with a very complex prescription. She was found suitable for Toric Implantable Contact Lenses and after undergoing treatment was delighted by the results.

She told her family about her experiences with AVC, which lead her cousin to enquire and see if she could get the same results. We recommended LASIK for her less complex prescription.

After the procedure she was astonished with the outcome and told her mother about the service and treatment she had received at AVC. Her mother, in her fifties, had worn glasses since the age of 8. She had tried many different contact lenses in an attempt to correct her vision and had recently developed age related presbyopia (a reading prescription). Having seen how her daughter and niece’s lives had been transformed, she enquired to see how AVC could help her. She was a candidate for Multifocal Lens Replacement which enabled us to correct her near, distance and intermediate vision. The treatment changed her life and now she is completely glasses free with a vision she had never dreamt of achieving before. Given our wide range of treatments we are able to provide various solutions to a range of prescription problems transforming the lives of families one by one.

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Advanced Vision Care partnered with Vision Aid Overseas 13 years ago.

Over 6000 AVC patients have donated their glasses to help those less fortunate to see the world the way it is meant to be seen.

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