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Celebrities, AVC Staff & Respected Industry Professionals at the Alcon Suite Launch Party

The Leading Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in the UK Just Got Better – New Lens Replacement & Cataract Surgery Suite Unveiled

Wednesday 16th September was a landmark day for Advanced Vision Care, as the clinic launched its new refractive suite, specialising in Cataract surgery & Lens Replacement procedures. Dubbed the Alcon Suite, the launch event took place at Advanced Vision Care’s Harley Street clinic and was graced by some of the most respected individuals within the refractive surgery niche. Among the attendees were celebrity patients Hari Dhillon and Gina Beck.

What Makes The Alcon Suite So Unique?

The Alcon Suite launch party was a fun-filled soiree with celebrities, AVC patients and refractive surgery industry leaders all coming together. However, the underlying reason for the party was anything but light, because, thanks to the equipment, the Alcon Suite has made Advanced Vision Care the most sophisticated unit for cataract surgery and Lens Replacement in the country.

Here’s a little more about the ground-breaking technology that powers the Alcon Suite:

Verion Guided System

Hailed as a landmark development in refractive imaging systems, the Verion Guided System facilitates AVC surgeons to construct incredibly detailed images of the eye. The technology further enables surgeons to pinpoint alignments and incisions in real-time. From an end result perspective, the technology allows for highly unique patient treatment plans to be created, which leads to more accurate surgery with better results.

Centurion Vision System & Luxor LX3 with Q-VUE Microscope

The Centurion Vision System is recognised as the most advanced phacoemulsification system in the world, while the Luxor LX3 with Q-VUE microscope provides visual accuracy that simply cannot be bettered.

The great buzz around the Alcon Suite arises from the fact that AVC is the only clinic in the country where all three of these technologies are available for use under one roof. There has never been a better time or place to have truly flawless vision correction treatment.

Celebrities, AVC Staff and Respected Industry Professionals at the Alcon Suite Launch Party

In an evening where the champagne, canapes and conversation were flowing, there were too many special moments to encapsulate in a paragraph or two. After experiencing a tour of the new Alcon Suite, guests got to enjoy nibbles along with a selection of speeches from patients and AVC staff. Perhaps the pinnacle of the evening was delivered by celebrities Hari Dhillon (Holby City) and Gina Beck (Wicked), who both gave short presentations about their patient experiences with AVC to rapturous applause.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words – so if you missed out, the event photos below provide a nice recap of the Alcon Suite Launch Party:

Roll Out The Red Carpet – AVC Clinic Awaits Guests Prior to the Launch Party:

laser eye surgery london

Cheers! A Glass Or Two Of Bubbly To Kick Off A Thoroughly Enjoyable Evening:

laser eye surgery

Guests Enjoy An Educational Tour Of The New Alcon Suite:

laser eye surgery

Celebrity Speeches – Hari Dhillon and Gina Beck Deliver Stellar Testimonials about their Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

laser eye surgery

While the Alcon Suite launch party was certainly a fabulous, fun and light-hearted affair, the impact for patients with vision problems will be seriously profound. As supported by the many GP’s, opticians, insurance company reps and patients who attended, the message is clear – Advanced Vision Care is now simply the best Cataract surgery and Lens Replacement clinic in the country.

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