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Cataract Treatment Case Study

Mrs X a 58 year old female with a cataract in her right eye attended a consultation in January 2014. Patient wore soft annual replacement contact lenses and was happy with their comfort. She had been wearing spectacles since the age of 7. She had noticed a  deterioration in her vision in her right eye secondary to the cataract.

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Current spectacles – Single vision distance from 2005


Initial Examination:


Ocular Examinations:

479Corneal Pachymetry (µm)479
4.5Colvard Pupil Diameter (mm)5.0
19Goldmann Contact Tonometry (mmHg)19
47.7 @ 57, 46.9 @ 147Orbscan keratometry (D)47.6 @ 11, 47.1 @ 101
2.94Anterior Chamber Depth (mm)3.00
NormalAnterior Segment EvaluationNormal
Moderate nuclear sclerosis with tiny posterior sub-capsular lens opacityCrystaline LensEarly nuclear sclerosis
Posterior vitreous detachmentOpthalmoscopyPosterior vitreous detachment

Cataract treatment plan

  1. Refer to a retinal specialist to check for retinal detachment risk because the patient is a high myope. Also to check the right macula to assure a good visual outcome is possible.
  2. If there are no concerns, proceed with bilateral cataract surgery with multifocal intra-ocular lenses

The retinal specialist confirmed with OCT thAT there were no macular abnormalities and it was safe to proceed with surgery. Surgery was carried out at the end of January 2014 in the right eye and a week later on the left eye. Zeiss AT LISA Tri intra-ocular lenses were implanted and limbal relaxing incisions performed to correct the astigmatism. Surgery for both eyes went to plan and without any complications.


UnaidedSphCylAxisVANear VA

The patient reported having excellent vision from the one day check of the left eye and one week check-up of the right. With both eyes for distance she achieved 6/5 and was able to maintain this standard for each eye individually. The near vision was equally impressive and she could read N4. The patient still remains this level of vision and is extremely happy.

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