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Cataract Case Study – Patricia Davies

Cataract Case Study

Mrs Patricia Davies is a 76 year retired female. She enjoys dancing, table tennis and gardening. She developed pneumonia as a baby which left her with a nystagmus and bilateral ambylopia. She was in and out of spectacles as a child but for the last 40 years was wearing a correction full time. She wore soft daily disposable lenses every day. The patient was referred to us by her optometrist because she was developing a cataract in her left eye.

Her refraction was as follows:


Ocular Examinations

                          Right                Left
514Corneal Pachymetry (µm)524
4.5Colvard Pupil Diameter (mm) 4.5
16Goldmann Contact Tonometry (mmHg)16
 42.8 @ 78, 41.6 @ 168Orbscan keratometry (D)42.9 @ 100, 41.8 @ 10
2.37Anterior Chamber Depth (mm) 2.30
NormalAnterior Segment Evaluation Normal
Cortical opacities and nuclear sclerosisCrystaline LensCortical opacities and nuclear sclerosis
UnremarkableOpthalmoscopy Unremarkable

Treatment plan

Dr Pillai decided bilateral cataract surgery with monofocal intraocular lenses would be the best option due to her cataracts and bilateral amblyopia. The patient did not want glare and was happy to wear reading spectacles.

Surgery notes

The right eye was operated on 11.03.2015 and the left eye the next day with limbal relaxing incisions. Both went without complication.

RE 2 day and LE 1 Post-op

RE 6/7.5  LE 6/7.5 BE 6/7.5

The patient was overwhelmed by the clarity of her vision.

2 Week Post-op

RE 6/7.5-  LE 6/7.5-  BE 6/7.5

3 month Post-op

RE 6/7.5  LE 6/7.5+  BE 6/6 (Just) N8-N6

Patient is extremely delighted. She has never seen as clearly as she does now. She can even read during the day and only reaches for her reading spectacles at night. She loves dancing freely without need of annoying contact lenses!

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