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This summer without a doubt is jam-packed with sports, from the World cup, Wimbledon and now the Commonwealth games begin! The games will be bringing the finest athletes to the city of Glasgow, which will be hosting the exciting festival this year. 17 different sports will be fiercely competed, from the adrenaline pumping athletics, boxing, rugby to the more graceful gymnastics. It is the dream of a lot of people to become a professional sports player, making money doing what they love the most. Who wouldn’t want to be on a £2 million salary playing their favourite sport? There is no doubt that having the most optimum eye sight can only improve your performance in sports from hand, eye and foot coordination.

Increasingly in the past years laser eye surgery has become an absolute success and has literally transformed peoples lives for the better. Let’s be honest, do sportsmen and women really want to be spending that extra time in the morning and night applying and removing those un-comfortable and stinging contact lenses? Also, how often do you see a professional athlete wearing glasses? Surely, it is difficult and highly dangerous to perform in a rigorous game of rugby with them on. Many athletes have also claimed that is a lot easier to run and jump without a pair of glasses on.

However, it does depend on the game they play and how risky it may be to be wearing contact lenses or glasses. With contact lenses there is the danger of dirt in the eyes which can get trapped in the lenses and further lead to eye infections.

We believe its only natural for an athlete to want to perform their absolute best in their sport, anyone who plays and aspires to be a leading professional player would only know it takes years of hard work and dedication to improve themselves and would do everything in their hands to make sure they do. I am sure by this point you probably think it makes a lot of sense for all athletes with poor eye-sight to undergo laser eye surgery for the benefit of their quality of life, their performance, careers and safety. As vision is the most important tool for performance, there have been many athletes that have had laser eye surgery from the likes of NBA basketball players to golf players. Professional boxer Marianne Martson decided to have laser eye surgery, she said: ‘I realised that to pursue my dream I am going to have to take the next step’ she also stated that just 4 days after the procedure her eyesight was perfect enough for her to drive home after a check-up. There have been a lot of misconceptions that laser eye surgery can be dangerous with a low success rate, with a high recovery time. With Advanced Vision Care those myths can be put to rest as LASIK eye surgery is one of the most safest procedures in the world with recovery time being as little as two days. In a whole it has long-term benefits that will improve the quality of life for anyone.

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