AVC Offers 20:20 Vision to Londoners Seeking Laser Eye Surgery

Thousands of Londoners are turning to laser eye surgery to correct their vision and to stop being so dependent on glasses or contact lenses.

Advanced Vision Care is located in Harley Street, London in the heart of the UK’s premier medical center of excellence. Any Londoners seeking vision correction treatment, including LASIK laser eye surgery, will not find a better clinic than AVC or a better eye surgeon than Dr CT Pillai, world renowned for his experience and in-depth ophthalmology knowledge.

In fact, Advanced Vision Care is world renowned eye clinic, famous for performing complex surgeries that other clinics turn away with 20:20 outcomes.

AVC has the highest global standards of medical excellence

While laser technology has evolved significantly over the past two decades, laser eye surgery remains a largely unregulated industry in the UK. So, the quality of eye clinic and surgeon varies hugely across the country. We recommend that anyone considering any kind of laser eye surgery should thoroughly research the best laser eye clinic in London that is qualified to perform eye surgery.

AVC uses a suite of state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment, including Advanced Wavefront technology and the IntraLase laser, which produces truly unrivaled results by creating a digital surgical plan that is carried out by a blade-free laser. In fact, we are proud that 100% of our patients have achieved driving standard vision or better following laser treatment at our clinic.

Harley Street is a byword for medical excellence recognized across the UK as THE place to go to for elite and unsurpassed medical treatments, be it vision correction or any other form of surgery. In fact, Harley Street is renowned for having some of the finest medical surgeons available in the world and AVC is no different. We have secured the services of three eminent ophthalmic surgeons: Dr CT Pillai, Dr Goran Helgason and Professor Martin Fillipec.

AVC laser eye surgeons

For those seeking truly exceptional vision correction treatment from the most talented surgeons in the world – London, Harley Street and Advanced Vision Care offer precisely that.

There are many more compelling reasons why AVC is not only the best vision correction clinic in London, but on Harley Street too:

Incomparable, Nationwide Aftercare

Unlike other clinics, AVC offers a lifetime’s aftercare to all our patients built into our fair and transparent price. There is simply no place for cheap marketing gimmicks when it comes to eye surgery, and AVC will be there now and years into the future to ensure your eyesight remains as vibrant and as healthy as possible following treatment with us. Thanks to our nationwide network of independent optometrists, you can enjoy your treatment at our Harley Street clinic and have your subsequent aftercare near you.

Cutting Edge Clinical Facilities

Recently, AVC has been featured in many national publications for having the most advanced Lens Replacement and cataract removal clinic in the country. In fact, our clinic employs a combination of highly advanced ophthalmic equipment for eye mapping and precision surgery that is not available anywhere else in the UK. Furthermore, Advanced Vision Care is the only clinic in Europe with a state of the art transparent theater, allowing family and friends to watch a patient’s procedure. The end result is the most accurate vision correction results imaginable.

Emphatically Endorsed by Patients, Peers and Major Health Care Insurance Providers

A number of leading insurance companies have accredited AVC as a trusted provider of high quality vision correction. Insurance companies like BUPA, WPA, AVIVA and Simply Health have endorsed AVC – and they join a growing list of independent GPs, opticians and patients who say that when it comes to truly bespoke and high quality vision correction treatments – Advanced Vision Care is not only an excellent choice, it’s the only choice.

Find Out How AVC Can Help You

If you would like to transform your life, then why not contact AVC today and request your free information pack or book your consultation to find out how we can help you say goodbye to your glasses.

If you suffer from vision problems, why not call our experienced patient advisers on 020 7935 7497 to find out how AVC can help you perfect your eyesight.

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