AVC Keratoconus Seminar

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AVC Keratoconus Seminar

The first lecture, presented by our senior Optometrist Nepur Patel, set the scene on the aetiology, prevalence, presentation and diagnosis of Keratoconus. This was followed by our guest speaker, Lynn White, who discussed the options available for Optometrists to fit contact lenses in house.

Many of you will already know Lynn White, if not personally then by reputation. For those of you who don’t, she is an Optometrist specialising in Keratoconus and irregular corneas. Mrs White worked as a Keratoconus consultant to UltraVision since 2007 while she ran her own specialist contact lens practice. She became the Clinical Director of UltraVision in March 2013 and is currently involved in a KTP project with the Ocular Biomechanical Department at Liverpool University. This involves FEA modelling the keratoconic eye in order to improve contact lens design.

Mrs White specifically gave an overview on how to conduct the fitting of kerasoft contact lenses and gave examples of the visual results she has achieved with her patients. Some patients who have just been fitted contact lenses and those who had been fitted after corneal cross-linking surgery. The outcomes are spectacular.

Keratoconus Treatments at AVC

Dr Pillai, the Medical Director of Advanced Vision Care, went on to explain collagen cross-linking surgery and intra-stromal corneal ring segments such as kerarings and intacs.

The participants were split into groups for peer review discussion giving them the opportunity to discuss their views, their thinking and apply the new information they had acquired to the case studies that were presented to them. The aim of the seminar’s we run is to impart the knowledge we have gained to the optometry community demonstrating what options are available to patients.

The treatments can be revolutionary for patients as the current NHS pathway lets them down. If optometrists are better informed they will have the tools to best advise or refer their patients whenever necessary and hopefully avoid corneal grafting.

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