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I have always been interested in science, as it is a lifelong passion of mine, and I am a regular subscriber to The New Scientist.

I have had the unique experience of starting at an entry level position in 2013 at AVC’s call centre before getting to my current position of Business Operational Manager. It was in the call centre I learnt how to best advise patients as part of AVCs phone assessment service. Throughout the years I have also worked in the clinic being present at consultations, and as I advanced in the company my knowledge base has expanded vastly, including the more technical and scientific side of the refractive industry.

I created the staff service guide to educate the staff, which became part of AVCs protocol, and designed a comprehensive training program so that this knowledge can be imparted to the patients. Consequently, this led to the creation/development of the most informative call centre in the refractive industry.

Whilst progressing through AVC I have been given many opportunities to expand my skills and I discovered that I have a flare for writing. This combined with my scientific background and knowledge has enabled me to tackle a range of topics including technical subjects.


BSc in Forensic Science

Posts by Eva

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February 19, 2018
Type of treatment: Cataracts

Why NHS Monofocal Cataract Lenses are a Poor Choice

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