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Attractive Eyes – What The Science Says

When assessing facial attractiveness, the eyes play a major role – just take a look at an attractive person and it is likely that your attention will be drawn to their eye area.

But what is it that makes some peoples eyes more attractive than others, and are there ways to increase our own eye beauty?

Read on to discover what the science says about both male and female eye attraction!

Female Eyes

For both men and women, facial symmetry has been shown to play a significant role in enhancing levels of attractiveness to the opposite sex, so anything that distracts from this will affect a person’s perceived beauty.

female eyes

Science has demonstrated that men are usually attracted to large eyes, with higher eyebrows, and larger pupils, while a separate study confirmed that bigger eyes and thin eyebrows on a female are highly desired traits.

Eye makeup can also make a difference to a woman’s attractiveness ratings – before and after images with and without eye makeup, found that the after images received higher beauty scores, whereas other items such as lipstick were unimportant to male admirers.

Male Eyes

Men are also very likely to be judged on their eye beauty – both males and females say that eyes are the most important facial feature they pay attention to. However, unlike the desire for larger eyes on a woman, what is most valued on a man is less clear.

male eyes

A Japanese study found that narrow eyes were rated as most attractive in a study involving 120 images of various eye shapes and sizes. In contrast, western researchers discovered that large eyes, along with prominent cheekbones and a large chin were highly valued by American women.

Could this simply be due to a difference in cultural preferences?

One area where there seems to be universal agreement is eyebrows. Men should ideally have lower and thicker eyebrows than their female counterparts.

Other Factors

Regardless of the facial aesthetics, you are born with, certain behaviours can also influence the perception of your eye beauty. Wearing glasses is consistently shown to lower perceived attractiveness, while eye contact may be another important factor.

People who gaze directly at another person are generally considered more attractive than people who consistently avoid eye contact – perhaps because the full beauty of the eyes is displayed and increased confidence is shown.

DIY Eye Beauty

For women who want to increase the attractiveness of their eyes, a few simple ideas may help:

  • Have higher, thinner eyebrows
  • Avoid wearing glasses
  • Use eye makeup to make your eyes stand out
  • Practice good grooming to optimise facial symmetry

Men should ideally concentrate on increasing their self-confidence and aim to make more eye contact with other people. In addition, grooming is important, but spending hours in front of the mirror is not necessary – thick and tidy eyebrows are much more desirable than being overplucked!

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