Allaying fears about LASIK laser eye surgery

Lasik laser eye surgery is the most popular kind of laser eye surgery in the world. It has an excellent reputation for success – but we know that some patients are still concerned before they have it. This is understandable, as it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but AVC hopes we will be able to put your worries at rest.

For example, one of the things some patients are concerned about before they have Lasik eye surgery is whether it will hurt. In fact, we do everything we can to make sure the procedure is pain free and most patients report that it doesn’t hurt at all. This is because anesthetic drops are applied to the eye before the procedure against to numb it. As a result, rather than any pain, you may instead feel a sense of pressure for a short period of time during the surgery.

After you have had the surgery, the flap in your eye will start to heal itself. It is quite common for patients to experience dry eyes following the Lasik procedure, but this is something that usually clears up within a few days. The reason quite a few patients experience dry eye is because of the temporary effect making a flap in the cornea has on the nerves that produce tears. As this flap heals, the issue should clear itself up and it is likely that you will be prescribed with some lubricating eye drops to help deal with the dry eye symptoms following the Lasik eye surgery.

Some patients also experience sensitivity after the surgery, but again, this is something that will dissipate as the flap made in the cornea heals. The sensitivity might manifest itself as sensitivity to bright lights, which is often associated with having dry eyes. Make sure you tell your surgeon if you normally suffer with dry eyes so that they are aware of the issue before the Lasik eye surgery is carried out.

So, overall all of this means that while you might well experience a little bit of discomfort due to your Lasik eye surgery, this should resolve itself very quickly. The form of surgery is not as invasive as others and it is known for its quick recovery time.  It is also well-known as being one of the most painless options and the rate of complications is very low. Lasik is the most popular eye surgery option for a reason, and you can be certain you’re in good hands when you have the procedure done with us.

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