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All Eyes are on the FIFA World Cup

With the FIFA World Cup well under way, football frenzy has indeed taken the world by storm and we are officially in game-watching mode!

Whether you love or loathe the beautiful game, it’s here to stay in full force, well for the next few weeks anyway! Every wide screen TV, every website, every newspaper and, indeed, everywhere we go we are surrounded by World Cup fever as society, businesses and organisations embrace their own unique football inspired spin on the flamboyant and vibrant Brazilian theme.

It’s hard not to get into the spirit of things!

Laser Eye Surgery & The World Cup?

So exactly what has Laser Eye Surgery and the World Cup got in common?

Cast your mind to the Italian team, in particular Mario Balotelli. The football fans among us will know him as ‘Super Mario’, former Manchester City striker currently playing for AC Milan – an agile, quick and mighty powerful player who was the first choice striker for Italy’s 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Why this particular player we hear you ask?

Well, Balotelli underwent successful laser eye surgery to correct his vision following problematic occurrences with contact lenses. Eye problems and professional football don’t exactly go hand in hand and, without the use of contact lenses, the footballer was left off side, postponing his glittering sporting career.

The minor operation successfully restored perfect vision enabling him to concentrate on scoring winning goals, which, dare we say, is exactly what he has done with the 2-1 defeat of England on 14 June!

Perfect, Sharp Vision = Sporting Success

Sharp vision on the field without the limitations and problems associated with using contact lenses is something many sportsmen and women among us can identify with. When vision impacts upon daily life and career, it’s time to take some positive steps towards corrective surgery.

perfect vision after laser eye surgery

At Advanced Vision Care, we offer the very latest laser eye surgical techniques and equipment from the world’s leading eye care companies. Our independent clinic enables you a wider choice of technologies and lens products suited to your individual requirements.

Laser Eye Treatment is not exclusively for sport fanatics; indeed it is popular with folk from all walks of life!

Whether you are an avid sports player or prefer to watch from the comfort of your own home, laser eye surgery can eliminate the hassle of searching frantically for your glasses or prevent that ‘I’ve forgotten my glasses’ moment and ensure you can see clearly with defined focus twenty four seven.

Take a little World Cup inspiration from Balotelli and set your sights on looking into laser eye treatment this summer. We guarantee you will see life differently with outstanding results guaranteed.

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