Advanced Vision Care’s website goes responsive with new web design tactics

If you take a look around you from day to day you’ll notice an increasing number of people accessing information through mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets, people can now access the internet from just about anywhere, and the benefits are growing with the technology. Not only is being able to access information from anywhere convenient, but it can also streamline the process as companies optimise the browsing experience to suit touchscreens and people who are ‘on the move’.

At Advance Vision Care we have recently carried out some analysis on our website traffic and have concluded that around 50% of our visitors access it from a mobile device. As such, we have worked to optimise the mobile experience for visitors, making it easy to find out information, leave enquiries and even book appointments. We understand that people looking for us on a mobile device are looking for useful information which is quick and easy to find. A desktop experience can be heavily detailed, but there’s no reason a mobile experience should be any less rich with the right integration and design.

Responsive Design to Benefit all Our Website Visitors
We have worked to create a ‘responsive’ website for our users – that is, a site which moulds to the needs of each visitor as they log on. If you come to us from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, our website will automatically adjust to the most suitable and optimal design. Coming to us through a desktop or laptop will display the usual, full website. Our aim is to make Advance Vision Care easy to access no matter where you are, and offer full and detailed information across all platforms.

The reasons behind a sudden growth in mobile visitors are obvious. Mobile websites are optimised for quick access. They’re also a lot smaller in terms of on screen real estate so they download much quicker. Coming to us via a mobile device will not only give you more concise and targeted information, but you’ll be less restricted by varying internet speeds, as there’ll be less to display. There’s also the great advantage of being able to leave enquiries with us on the move – whether you’re commuting home from work or simply browsing on your tablet from the comfort of your sofa, all the information you need from Advance Vision Care will be right at your fingertips.

It’s becoming clear to us that the ways of managing appointments and other things are rapidly changing for our clients, and as always Advance Vision Care aim to keep up and bring you the best service as well as the best browsing experience possible across all of your devices.

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