A Quick Fix of Dislodged ICL – Post Trauma Rare Incident

I had Implantable Contact Lens Surgery (ICL) back in Jan 2017 which was very successful giving me a perfect 20:20 vision in both eyes having suffered from high myopia for many years and intolerance to daily contact lenses and glasses.

I chose Advanced Vision Care in Harley Street, under the care of Dr Pillai, Medical Director. After much research on ICL and knowing that the surgeon, Mr Goran Helguson, had ICL treatment himself, was very reassuring for me to go ahead.

Within a matter of some days after surgery, I was back at work as my job is very computer intensive. I had thorough follow-ups at AVC to ensure I had all the support from the medical team as required.

Eye Accidents Happen

In May 2017, I had a freak incident injuring my left eye which was very rare. A ping pong ball accidentally injured my left eye requiring an emergency hospital admission. Upon impact, my vision was blurry with double vision that evening.

Upon investigation, it was found that I had dislodged my ICL in my left eye. I was very scared and upset at the time but after one quick emergency call in the middle of the night to Dr Pillai I went to Moorfields Eye Hospital for checks. After learning there was no apparent damage to the retina but only a dislodgment of the ICL, I went to see Dr Pillai the very next day for medical intervention.

ICL Quick Fix at AVC

Dr Pillai very quickly started arranging a medical team, reassuring me that this was a “Quick Fix” to the ICL, which needed repositioning and my vision would soon be normal again. I knew I was in expert hands and was made to feel very safe and comfortable at AVC.

Within a few days, another surgeon performed a re-positioning of the ICL. I took some time off to recover with eye drops to administer. After a follow-up, my vision returned back to normal with the reading in the left eye showing a one line difference to the right eye. I understand this will in time correct itself as internal healing of the trauma settles down. I am now due to see Mr Goran Helguson at AVC sometime in June for another follow-up.

Shivan’s Recommendation?

The incident was a traumatic and distressing experience. However, Dr Pillai gave me confidence and reassurance that once the ICL was back in place I would be perfectly fine. He was right.

I am so glad that even after the original implant of the ICL, the aftercare by the entire team was excellent. I am very thankful to AVC and all team members for taking care of me, especially Dr Pillai.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone in the future to have ICL treatment at AVC.

Shivan Raithatha

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