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6 Foods Guaranteed To Keep Your Vision On Top Form

Are you looking after your eyesight properly? By including these foods in your diet you can eat your way to healthy eyes…

1) Spinach. We all know spinach keeps us strong, but it’s also amazing for our eyes. The green vegetable contains the anti-oxidant lutein which acts as a sunscreen by absorbing blue light intensity.

2.) Cherries. These fruity nibbles are a great addition to fruit salads or deserts – plus it just so happens that they’re rich in the powerful anti-oxidant Beta Carotene which helps protect vision.

3.) Peanut butter. It may seem too good to be true but your eyes will love you for eating that bagel slathered with peanut butter. It’s packed with Vitamin E which prevents cataracts.

4.) Kiwi. Pop a kiwi in your packed lunch for a good dose of Vitamin C. This maintains healthy vision and tops up the high levels of the vitamin naturally found in the eyes.

5.) Oysters. Pity we can’t say the same for champagne, but oysters are great for eyes, giving them the Zinc fix they need.

6.) Sardines. There’s a lot of Omega 3 in that small can of fish – great for maintaining healthy vision by protecting the tiny blood vessels inside the eyes.

By eating a diet packed full of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids you can rest assured your vision is in safe hands…

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