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5 Myths about Refractive Surgery

Here are the top five most commonly believed myths about refractive surgery:

1. Refractive Surgery Complications Can Be Serious

Refractive surgery is very safe and serious complications are extremely rare and with the use of the best eye surgeons even less. Blindness is practically impossible and at AVC we have never had any instances where blindness has occurred.

2. It Is Painful?

Anaesthetic drops are used before the treatment causing the eye to become numb ensuring no pain is felt. However, a lid guard is used to stop you from blinking and can cause some discomfort.

3. You Will Never Need Glasses Again

No visual correction treatment can stop the onset of age related presbyopia. We all develop a reading prescription over the age of 40 and require reading glasses at some point.

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) treatment has the benefit of being able to treat individuals that have developed presbyopia and, due to advancements in lenses, can treat all fields of vision simultaneously. This treatment can leave you glasses free but a pair of ready readers may be preferred when undertaking concentrated focus work for long periods of time to prevent eye strain.

4. The Surgeon Does Not Matter, It Is The Laser That Does The Work

It is true that the laser corrects your prescription; however it is not the machine that does the work but the brain behind the machine that ensures the best results. With the most advanced technology and a highly skilled expert surgeon the risks are minimalised to 1 in 1000 for even a small compromise in vision.

5. If Anything Goes Wrong It Is Permanent

Most forms of vision correction treatment are permanent. Lasers’ permanent correction of the cornea does not mean that if there is any residual prescription it cannot be corrected. In fact several re-treatments are possible meaning that if anything goes wrong it can be corrected.

In Clear Lens Exchange, the natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens tailored to the individual’s prescription. This is permanent but any residual prescription be corrected with the use of Laser or a Piggy-back lens may be required meaning that the desired vision can be achieved.

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