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5 Benefits of Supracor Laser Eye Surgery

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Lasik might still be the most popular form of laser eye surgery, but Supracor is another type of laser eye treatment that can produce excellent results for patients. It is a relatively new technique and, just like other forms of laser eye surgery, it won’t be suitable for all patients – but it has so far achieved excellent results and is often used by people who wear two pairs of glasses or varifocals. Here are some of the benefits of Supracor laser eye surgery.

Treat two conditions at once

Unlike ‘traditional’ laser eye surgery, where either long sightedness or short sightedness is corrected, Supracor can correct both. Many of us end up needing more than one pair of glasses as we get older, which can be quite cumbersome when we have to keep switching between the two. We can help to eliminate that hassle and dramatically improve your vision by correcting both distance and close vision at the same time.

Receive personalised treatment

The surgeons at AVC know that everyone’s eyesight is different and so the treatment you receive will be tailored to you, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome. This includes a thorough assessment of your eyes before the surgery so you receive the best treatment option for your needs. Supracor means that we can customise the laser eye surgery for you.

Quick healing time

Just like Lasik, one of the great benefits of Supracor eye surgery is that it offers a very quick healing time. You should experience minimal discomfort as a result of the procedure, and should be back to normal very quickly. This means that the procedure comes with only the slightest amount of disruption, making it convenient for people with busy lives.

Quick, good vision results

You should also be able to see the difference made by your laser eye surgery very quickly so that you can start enjoying the benefits of your restored vision pretty much straight away. You could be ditching those glasses or contact lenses sooner than you think – something many of our patients appreciate.

Quick procedure

Of course, another benefit of Supracor is that the procedure itself is very quick. In many ways, it is quite similar to the procedure used for Lasik as it also involves a small flap being made in the cornea. The treatment is usually completed within half an hour, so once you’re ready for the surgery you won’t have to wait long to check out your new vision and see the world around you with renewed clarity.

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