3 Reasons Why LASIK Laser Eye Surgery May Not Be Suitable For You

Over the past ten years, laser eye surgery has improved a great deal. In fact, Advanced Vision Care is now able to treat 99% of potential patients who contact us. Our rigorous screening process means we only treat patients that we know are ideal candidates for LASIK treatment. It’s how we can guarantee superior vision correction results and faster healing times for the patients who book their LASIK treatment at our state of art laser eye clinic in London.

However, there remain certain situations where a vision correction patient may not be a suitable candidate for LASIK laser eye surgery. The most common of these is when the patient has a prescription range that falls outside that which LASIK can correct.

Below, we look at three more common reasons why someone may not be suitable for laser eye surgery:

1. An Unstable Prescription Can Preclude You From Having LASIK Treatment

If you have a fluctuating contact lens or glasses prescription, you will most likely not be a good candidate for LASIK. This is a likely scenario for young people who often have unstable prescriptions until they hit their early 20’s.

Other reasons for a patient experiencing fluctuating prescriptions can include keratoconus (a degenerative disease), diabetes or those on certain types of medications.

If your prescription is unstable, the prudent course of action is to wait until it becomes stable before considering laser eye surgery. A detailed consultation with one of our highly experienced eye surgeons will quickly determine whether you are in fact a good fit for laser eye surgery.

2. You Are Pregnant or Nursing

Because women who are pregnant or nursing commonly experience hormonal fluctuations, they may experience temporarily unstable prescriptions.

Consequently, it is recommended that women in this situation wait for three menstrual cycles following nursing before undergoing laser eye surgery.

3. Health Issues Can Preclude You from LASIK Treatment

While laser eye treatment is a permanent, safe and effective treatment for poor vision, it is still a surgical procedure. As with any surgery, your general health needs to be good before undertaking treatment. Additionally, any medical conditions that may affect the immune system can affect your suitability for having laser eye treatment. Those who have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or collagen vascular disease are likely to be poor candidates for surgery.

There is also a need to have reasonably healthy eyes before undergoing surgery. Those suffering from keratoconus – a condition where the cornea is thin and conically shaped – are unlikely to make good candidates for laser eye surgery. A detailed consultation at Advanced Vision Care will determine your suitability for safe LASIK treatment with excellent results.

In the event that LASIK is not a suitable vision correction option for you, Advanced Vision Care provide a variety of additional treatments that could help restore your vision:

  • Lens Replacement
  • Implantable Contact Lens
  • Private Cataract Surgery
  • Keratoconus Treatment (INTACS)

Why not speak to our experienced customer care advisors to see if LASIK or our alternative treatments could help perfect your vision. Call us on 020 7935 7497 and we will call you right back. Alternatively, why not book your consultation today:

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