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25 Eye Facts that will make you blink!

Your eyes are truly amazing. So here at Advanced Vision Care, we have compiled some incredible eye facts to underline just how important your eyes are.

The eye is one of the most complex organs in the human body. The evolution of the eye gave rise to an arms race leading to new species and has been a driving force in the evolution of all animals. We take our eyes for granted and often don’t realise how incredible they are.

25 Eye Facts

So here are AVC’s top 25 fun eye facts you may – or may not – know:

    1. The Mayans found cross-eyed people so attractive they tried to make their children cross-eyed.
    2. 550 million years ago eyes began to evolve. They started life as patches of photoreceptor protein on single celled animals.
    3. The largest eye measures 27cm across and belongs to a Colossal Squid.
    4. Pirates used eye patches to train their eyes for bright and dim light. This way they could see what was happening above and below decks very quickly.
    5. The life span of each of our eye lashes is 5 months.
    6. If you suffered from a major depression you would see less contrast. Subsequently, colours would appear less vibrant and dull.
    7. Human eyes are not as evolved as some animal species. The mantis shrimp, for example, can see four times more colour than humans, and some can see ultraviolet light as well.
    8. The expression “it’s fine until someone loses an eye” comes from Ancient Rome. Eye gouging was the only rule observed in their wrestling competitions.
    9. When your eye sees an image, it is always backwards and upside down. Our brains interpret this properly for us.
    10. Our eyes use 65% of our minds. More than any other part of our bodies.
    11. Blind people can see their dreams as if they were not born blind.
    12. We see with our brain and not our eyes. Often eye conditions are not affecting the eye but the visual cortex of our brain.
    13. Despite having eyes with lenses, corneas and retinas like us, a box jellyfish’s eyes are permanently out of focus. This is because they do not have a visual cortex, and just have a ring of nerves around their mouths for a brain.
    14. You determine someone’s eye colour for the first time in about four seconds. This is considered the perfect length of eye contact on a first meeting.

eye facts wink

  1. Your eye lens reacts faster than the fastest camera lens ever built.
  2. You blink less when you read than when you talk.
  3. Eyes have healing properties. They can be up and running again 48 hours after a corneal scratch with proper care.
  4. Two weeks after conception our eyes start to form.
  5. Your eyes can focus on about 50 objects per second.
  6. You read from a screen around 25% slower than from paper.
  7. Our eyes process around 36,000 bits of information an hour.
  8. A blink takes around 100-150 millionth of a second to complete. We can blink about five times in a second. This is where the expression “in the blink of an eye” comes from.
  9. You eye is comprised of 2 million working parts.
  10. Retinas have 256 characteristics rather than your fingerprints which have 40 unique characteristics. Security services are using retina scans for identification for this reason.
  11. When tracking an object your eyes make smooth motions. It is only when you are tracking an object that your eye can do this. Otherwise it makes saccadic movements.

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