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25 Eye facts that have the Wow Factor

From using shark corneas in human beings to soldiers using their eyes to pass on messages using Morse Code, the human eye has truly remarkable qualities. Here are 25 facts that will make you say “wow”, or at least remark on how you “never knew that”.

  1. In the course of our lifetimes, the average eye will view 24 million images.
  2. Only one sixth of the eyeball can be seen. The rest of it is tucked back in our heads and hidden by our eye lids
  3. Tears are more than just water. They are comprised of fat and mucous as well. This stops our tears from evaporating
  4. Unlike our ears and nose which grow for our whole lives, our eyes remain the same size from when we are born to when we die
  5. Where our optic nerve attaches to our eyes, it leaves a small blind spot in our vision. We don’t notice it because our eyes work together to stop the blind spot from affecting what we see.
  6. Eye muscles are the most active in our bodies
  7. On average, eyes measure about an inch across (2.5cm) and weigh about 8 grams
  8. Although our bodies take time to warm up to reach their full potential, your eyes are on duty 24/7
  9. Our eyes interpret the world as three colours: Red, blue and green. Other colours are a mixture of these
  10. Brown is the most commonly found eye colour in the world
  11. Heterochromia is where one eye is grey, the other brown. Some people are born with heterochromia
  12. It is believed that 2% of women are born with an extra retinal cone in their eyes. This rare genetic mutation allows them to see 100 million colours
  13. Impossible colours are colours which exist outside of the visual spectrum and, as such, we can’t see them
  14. Brown eyes are blue underneath the brown pigment. A laser procedure exists to turn brown eyes blue permanently
  15. Of every twelve men born, one will be colour blind
  16. In one eye there are 107 million light sensitive cells
  17. Our eyes can actually distinguish 500 shades of grey. We’ll say no more
  18. If you are naturally blue eyed you have a common ancestor with every blue eyed individual in the world. Everyone’s eyes were brown until one of us developed a genetic mutation.
  19. At birth we are all colour blind
  20. When you are in love, your pupil expands 45% when you look at the person you are in love with
  21. During the Vietnam war, an American POW spelled out the word torture using his eyes to inform his commanding officers that American prisoners were being abused
  22. Pirates used to wear gold earrings because they believed it helped them see better
  23. You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. It’s impossible
  24. Dogs and humans are the only two species that take visual cues from each other’s eyes. Dogs only do this with humans
  25. Human corneas have been replaced with corneas from a shark! Such is their generic similarity

Have you said “wow” yet?

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