10 great things to do in a post-glasses world

Despite the efforts of opticians to make wearing glasses appear sexy or refined, in reality wearing specs is a bit of a pain. The discomfort of having something sitting on your face all day, every day, is a major bug bear for many glasses wearers, and the build-up of grease where the frames touch the skin can cause unsightly breakouts and spots.

As well as this, any glasses wearing person will tell you going swimming is a real chore, as they are always faced with the decision of going in bespectacled or blind, and playing pool or snooker is nigh on impossible, due to their line of vision going over the top of their glasses when they bend down to take a shot. Dennis Taylor doesn’t turn his upside down as a fashion statement you know.

Thanks to advances in laser eye treatments, every glasses wearer now has the option to get rid of their eyewear for good. Specialist treatments such as LASIK mean people can have their operation one day, and be good to go the next.

Whilst there is still an investment to be made to have your vision corrected, more and more people are turning to laser eye surgery for a new lease of life.

If you’ve had laser eye surgery and are looking to make the most of your investment, here are 10 things you’ll be pleased you can now do which you probably had trouble with before:

  1. Ride a rollercoaster: In the past you’ve either had to go round grasping your frames all the way, or take them off and enjoy a blurry ride. Get the full on experience now you can see without help.
  2. Walk in the rain: It’s a shame glasses don’t come with miniature windscreen wipers, but now you don’t have to worry.
  3. Kiss: Enjoy a serious smooching session without worrying about injuring the other person with your frames.
  4. Wear sunglasses: Unless you’ve had prescription sunglasses (which is an inconvenience in itself as you need to take two pairs wherever you go), being dazzled in the sunlight is probably something you’ve got used to. Treat yourself to some designer sunnies now that you have perfect vision.
  5. Wear a helmet: Whilst you can wear glasses under a helmet, the discomfort of the arms pressing into the sides of your head makes it a less than pleasant experience. Make the most of the fact you can now wear a helmet in comfort and take up horse riding or learn to ride a motorbike.
  6. Swim in the sea: No more worries about salt marks on your lenses for you.
  7. Play sports: For a glasses wearer, pretty much every sport comes with its own set of hazards. Football risks a ball to the face and subsequent injury from lenses and frames, and scuba diving is simply out of the question. Take up a new sport and enjoy the freedom of corrected eyesight.
  8. Get punched in the face: OK, so maybe this isn’t one you actually want to go out and do, but you can be sure if you do endure a blow to the face, whether accidentally or on purpose, any injury you receive will only be from the other persons fist, and not from your glasses.
  9. Go to a 3D movie: Wearing 3D glasses over your glasses is just silly, but now you can enjoy the 3D experience and still retain your dignity.
  10. Drink hot tea: You probably drank tea when you were wearing glasses, but now you can do it without enduring the dreaded ‘fogging up’ of your lenses. Now you can enjoy your tea even more, because you’ll still be able to see, too!

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